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EU internet survey thingie

Via Ken at EU Realist, let’s help some poor PhD student, shall we? Spirit of altruism and all that. Go here and follow the instructions – it’s a survey to check public perception of “the EU�s public diplomacy strategy online and its use of the Internet to promote a European public sphere”, looking at the websites Europa (aimed at us European types), EurUnion (aimed at the yanks) and Europa at the UN (aimed, I assume, at the rest of the world – I’d never heard of it before…)

There are, of course, more than just those three (like the recently revamped European Parliament website) – but the Europa site itself is so damn vast you can find pretty much anything on there, once you work out how – it’s also the home to dear Margot’s blog.

There’s a total of 27 questions, most fairly simple and quick to fill out. So go on – and let’s try and keep this scientific, shall we? No childish spamming of the place with “Brittania roolz, E-U SUXX0rz” type crap, shall we? Leave your political opinions at the door and answer the questions honestly and sensibly. For science and stuff. Everyone likes science.