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A plea for help

This blog is fucked. Its template is crammed full of shit. It doesn’t work consistently across all browsers for no apparent reason, and it has now got to the stage where I am utterly pissed off with it. As of today it also appears to be refusing to show new posts in Safari, meaning I can’t actually see what I’ve written this morning without entering the URL for the post manually. Which is hardly helpful.

I understand nothing of HTML or CSS beyond how to put in links and pictures, so am incapable of sorting it out.

So, who wants to help me redesign this bugger? I pretty much know what I want (basically the same with some tweaks and not fucked would be a good place to start) but have no idea how to achieve it. I’m also going to throw this open to suggestions – is there anything you, dear readers, would like to see done? Anything you want got rid of? Let me know.

I can offer little in the way of payment because I’m pretty much completely broke (vast amounts of entirely necessary yet extortionate expenditure recently, involving jewellery, hotels and intercontinental flights). You would, however, gain my eternal gratitude. And possibly a pint or two.


  1. not sure if this is any help, but i’m viewing in safari and have no problem seeing your updated posts. could it be something problematic with your browser — have you tried using another machine. perhaps it has something to do with your browser cache?
    can’t be much help on css and html unfortunately.
    it occurs to me you might not even be able to see this response…..!

  2. Feel free to drop me a line if you need a hand with CSS/HTML, I don’t have much to do at the moment…

  3. I find nicking other people’s code is a good way to go about things ;)

  4. Your site works here on Firefox

  5. AS for ideas:
    Create sections / “static” pages for the following:
    LINKS (Blogroll & Resources & EU Info/Gloassary)
    ABOUT (inc Testimonials & Blog Pimping?)
    ARCHIVES (by date / by category)

    get rid of the Firefox link, get rid of MIT “I am a Statistic”
    only have 1 advertising section – not the current 3!

    This will drastically reduce the number of things on your front page and you can probably move to a much neater / simpler 2 column layout.