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Ukraine update: Auntie has a good overview of the current crisis, while the New York Times worries that if Ukraine’s post-revolution government fails to shape up quickly it could dim the hopes of democratic reformers in other ex-Soviet states. Leopolis reckons it could take months. Orange Ukraine has good info and some handy links to further reading in the comments, while Scott at Foreign Notes comes through again with some top-notch analysis, and Neeka points out that this current split has been a long time coming.

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  1. I think that's another reason to dislike Presidential systems of Government rather than Parliamentary systems.

    Presidential systems revolve around personalities and patronage far too much. Hope it sorts itself out, but he could do his country a world of good by makig sure the government he appoints after the Parliamentary elections is drawn from the assembly and enjoys its support.

    Not a strong enough party system yet, but it could develope. In the meantime, we just watch and hope our friends over there don't suffer too much.