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It’s Sunday, so it must be time for another Britblog Roundupthis piece on dodgy disaster planning in New Orleans in particular stood out as the relief effort finally seems to be kicking into effect. No word yet from Europhobia’s regular Republican reader “Ronnie in New Orleans”, but the stories of the chaos, looting, rape and murder in the aftermath seem only to get worse, so fingers crossed, eh?


  1. Bush a.k.a. "Mr compassionate conservative" probably thinks that �humid Louisiana gumbo-eaters� are just decadent descendents of Gallic �surrender-monkeys�: why spend federal money helping them when you can redirect public resources to far more useful goals- such as the carpet bombing of Iraqi towns and villages…

    Dr Victorino de la Vega

  2. Some interesting items….

    The Mayor of New Orleans complained that there was no transport to get poeple out who didn't have cars. Check out the AP photos of 250 school buses all parked in the same flooded parking lot.

    The Super Dome refuge way carefully planned – without a field hospital, food, backup sanitation. Or pretty much anything.

  3. For instant Africa, just add water.

  4. Why Africa, Sean? Why not (say) Bosnia?

  5. Er, coz the people there were African-Americans. Derr.

    Read the toffeewomble, I'm writing a post on it now. You'll probably never read it again afterwards, having seen my post. But I'm sure we will both recover.