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UK Blog stuff – of interest to fellow bloggers only, no doubt

Heads up UK bloggers: Our man Worstall (of Britblog Roundup fame) is actually getting somewhere with his BlogAds UK scheme. Could be a way of actually wrangling us some money for the stress and effort this blogging lark costs us. Check it out, and check with the man for more details. If I understand correctly, the more people who sign up, the more we’re likely to be able to charge.

From la Worstall:

Two things everyone needs to remember about Blog Ads.

1) You set your own prices.

2) You can refuse any ad you wish. Everything gets offered for your
approval and you have to make a positive choice to add it.

He’s also trying to get us all actually using Trackbacks to help foster cross blog debate a bit more on this side of the Atlantic. Nice idea – I keep forgetting to ping people thanks to being lazy (and due to “ping” sounding both silly and potentially rude at the same time…)

It’s also worth remembering that if auto-pings don’t work for your Trackback system (as they don’t appear to with my Haloscan lark), you can manually ping Trackbacks via this handy site – well worth bookmarking. You can even do it if you don’t have trackbacks enabled on your own blog. (Although as Haloscan doesn’t cost a penny and is so simple to set up that even I managed it, you haven’t really got an excuse…)