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Blood & Treasure on Britishness – top – “It is not British to elect a new people if the old one doesn�t suit the government”

I’m still trying to work out whether, under the new “hyphnated Britons” thing, I would be a “Franco-Celtic-Norse-Saxon-Norman-Germano-Pictish-Briton”, or whether they’d merely stick to “English”.

One thing we do need, though, is a better term than “Asian” to describe anyone with black hair and slightly darker than caucasian skin, stretching (apparently) from the Middle East to Japan, and covering several billions of people. Bloody stupid – especially as the Americans generally mean “south east Asian” and we mean “Indian/Pakistani” when trying to be specific with it.

(Oh, and more from Qwghlm – “we’ll call ourselves whatever the fuck we want to” – yay! I want to be a trappist cantaloupe Briton! Can I be a trappist cantaloupe Briton please Ms Blears?)