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Time to start being suspicious of Chinese people on the tube/bus: A man dying of lung cancer set off a homemade bomb aboard a bus in downtown Fuzhou, capital of Fujian Province, this afternoon, killing himself and injuring 23 others.

But wait – that can’t be right… I thought it was supposed to be only Muslims who did the whole suicide bombing thing? And that they were all meant to be “Asian-looking”? (Well, apart from that Somalian one. And the Jamaican…). “Huang Maojin” doesn’t sound especially Muslim/Somalian/Jamaican to me… And presumably he was “Asian-looking” only in the American sense…

Update: More info – “Pictures from the scene showed the side of the bus ripped apart and debris strewn across the floor of the vehicle. The injured were shown being stretchered out of windows… Attacks of this kind are common in China, often carried out by angry residents who feel wronged by society or the communist party government.”

Terrorism common in a communist country, eh? Maybe all those people who accuse the Socialist Workers’ Party of being terrorist fellow travellers for criticising the war and stuff have got a point after all…

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