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Ah… Political loyalty, eh?

“Lord Saatchi, the former Conservative chairman, charged the party �1.5 million for the services of his advertising companies in the general election campaign that he helped to create.”

Combine that with the news that ex-Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith has threatened to throw a hissy fit if the party doesn’t select someone that he likes, and it looks rather like there could be yet another childish meltdown at Central Office on the cards. Not that anyone gives a flying fuck about what Duncan Smith thinks, obviously, but still…


  1. I thought is was the other way round, IDS said he would quit if the party did select someone he did not like. Nothing like standing on principal, and this is nothing like standing on principal, there are many reasons for quitting the Tory party why choose a personal one.

  2. It amuses me that, not only are they working themselves up for a good old-fashioned kiddy fit, they've even begun planning to move back into Smith Square – you know, the building Michael Howard decided to leave to get away from the culture of intrigue. Nowt like getting back to yer roots…