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  1. The cleaner, Gladys Wundowa, has NOT been confirmed as dead; there was a cock-up by UCL which issued a statement confirming her death, saw it widely reported in the media, and then retracted it. Exactly the sort of confusion we're all being told they're trying to avoid.

  2. The US State Department is now confirming that Michael Matsushita, a New Yorker, was among the dead on the No 30 bus.

    My wife grew up with him in the Bronx. She got a phone call from a friend this weekend who said he was missing; now the worst seems to be confirmed.

    Wankers. If someone in London could down a pint of bitters in his name, I'd greatly appreciate it.

  3. Really sorry to hear it, Eric. ONe of my best friends lost a work colleague on the same bus. "A good bloke" apparently.

    I'm out for a drink tomorrow – I'll raise a glass in their honour.

  4. Thanks Nosemonkey.

    I believe we'll do the same tomorrow at happy hour.