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Melanie Phillips

Melanie Phillips is a racist scumbag whose words can kill*. Top post title. Top blog strapline.

And here I will proudly announce that the most Melanie Phillips I have ever had the misfortune of reading is the odd quoted sentence, normally while she’s being demolished. But I’m a blogger, so that doesn’t stop me having an opinion: she’s the Cosmo Landesman of political writing – everything she says seems to be aboslutely, precisely, completely wrong. As with Landesman’s film reviews for The Sunday Times, believe the diametric opposite of what Phillips says, you’ll likely be somewhere nearer knowing what the fuck is going on.

*it is alleged – see comments… Heh!


  1. She probably also has a good lawyer and she's undoubtedly richer than you. Think about your headline

  2. Not my headline, but still – how's that?

    I do love the libel laws.

  3. "rather than addressing the hard questions to the community that cry out to be asked"

    Bloody hell – she actually speaks like a Politcal Officer from Stalin's time. And probably has about as much sense…

  4. This, of course, being one of the many reasons why I can never bring myself to read more than a sentence. At least Landesman can string a paragraph together (just).

    And now, to bed.

    (Christ, it's hot…)

  5. I see a lot of sense in Melanie Phillips's words. Not always absolute sense, but certainly not racism or vitriolic hatred of people.