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If this is true…

Via Robin Grant, if true then this would make me very angry indeed. Edward at Fistful has more, as does Tim Ireland.

There are ALWAYS limits to what the public should be told, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, and now this is true more than ever. It’s this little thing called responsibility, tactics. If playing Poker, you do not show your hand for fear of tipping off your opponents and letting them know not to go all-in in case you wipe them out in one stroke. Counter-terrorism operations are, I’m sure we can all agree, just a tad more serious than Poker.

When it comes to last week’s attacks I’ve tried to avoid too much finger-pointing (bar highlighting the impact a certain fascist party may have had), because playing politics over the bodies of the innocent dead is one of the most distasteful things I can imagine.

But if there is any truth to these suggestions – if it does turn out that politics has been played with our national security – impeachments alone won’t be enough. This would be gross, irresponsible negligence of the highest order. A blase disregard of people’s safety and lives resulting in the maiming and death of scores of innocents. And for what? Power, plain and simple. If this is true, our leaders will have become as bad as those they are supposed to be fighting.