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Expanding free trade

Two large trading blocs using subsidies and tax breaks to give their own businesses an advantage in the global market? Who’d have thought it? Yep, it’s the EU/US show again! And this time the poor little diddums have gone running to mummy. Oooh! Oooh! The bad men’s nasty metal birdie got more money than mine! Waaah!

Nosemonkey’s advice to the businessmen of the world? Grow up, crybabies. It’s a fucking plane. Of course it’s going to get subsidies, because it’s a fundamentally uneconomical way to travel.

The classic, however, is the final line, which the BBC copyist must have had a nice chuckle over (even while misplacing his/her commas):

“both sides insist that despite the trade wars, as the world’s two largest trading blocs, they remain committed to expanding free trade.”

Heh! World trade, folks. It’s silly.

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