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Electoral Reform – have your say

Just received via email – may be of interest to some:

This is your final chance to submit your evidence to the POWER Inquiry

What is the POWER Inquiry?

The POWER Inquiry has been set up by the Joseph Rowntree Trusts to explore how political participation and involvement can be increased and deepened in Britain. It aims to understand why the decline in popular participation and involvement in formal politics has occurred and to provide concrete and innovative proposals to reverse the trend. For more information visit

The POWER Inquiry – the independent inquiry into democracy and participation in Britain – is nearing the end of its evidence-gathering phase. A variety of groups and organisations have already presented their thoughts on increasing political participation in Britain, but we are still interested to hear evidence from new contributors. Do you support proportional representation like the Liberal Democrats? Would you like to see compulsory voting introduced, as Geoff Hoon has recently recommended? Or would you like to see more direct forms of democratic control? The deadline for the submission of evidence on all POWER’s key questions is Friday 15th July.

How do I submit evidence?

Complete the form online. Alternatively you can submit evidence via email to or post to POWER, 2 Downstream, 1 London Bridge, London, SE1 9BG. If you wish to submit evidence via post or email, you can download a copy of the Inquiry’s key questions or a form to complete from the website, or reply to this email (info AT and request these documents.

How does my evidence fit into the Inquiry?

All the evidence submitted will be available to the Inquiry Commission in its original form. The Inquiry research team will also identify key themes arising from all evidence and present these to the Commission. A draft version of the final report will be made available to everyone who takes part in the Inquiry will be able to make further comments for consideration by the Commission before final publication in February 2006.

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