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Danger money?

For the second working day running, my company’s IT team (based out of London) have been officially advised not to come in to our central London office. Even though when they bother to come in they travel by car, not tube or bus. And despite the fact that the 80+ people who work in this office every day almost all travel to work by public transport.

1st – where do I apply for my danger money? Is London weighting going to go up?

2nd – since when did we turn into chickenshits in this country and start giving in to terrorism?


  1. "since when did we turn into chickshits in this country and start giving in to terrorism?"

    Since 07 July, when the company I carry out IT for, a large London investment house, advised its staff to not come in on the 8th.
    To be fair, the IT director countermanded that for the staff under his remit, but they'd mostly buggered off by then.

    Other signs "We mustn't change our way of life" apart from shooting people.

  2. If Inter Milan can travel so can these companies! (Milan are coming now, right?)

    I've been considering going up London and shooting some sort of documentary, I feel there's questions to be asked and things to investigate, I just don't know what they are. hrmmmm.

    Anyways, yeah- nosemonkey, print I'm some tube shirts with 'I'm A Fucking Pussy' on them and send them to your out of town offices.

    I don't think people going in on the 8th was a sign of weakness, more of 'we don't know what trains will work, we're a bit lost, sit at home and have a beer'. That's the impression I got.