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The CAP and the future of the EU

The more I try and work out how the EU budget could be made “fair”, the more confused I get. I’m going to keep working on it, but at the moment every time I find some new information or a new perspective my brain starts protesting at the apparent inconsistencies and contradictions and I get a sharp, jabbing pain just behind my eyebrows, spiking down through my eyes and curving through to the nape of my neck, where it seems to do some kind of clog dance.

As such, have a gander at a couple of interesting pieces not by me while I crawl off to find some asprin:

Both have the benefit of not including any numbers whatsoever (well, except for the dates), and so don’t hurt my brain. And considering I’m off to see a preview of Batman Begins this evening I really, really don’t want my brain hurting..

Update – Just noticed a couple of other relatively number-free posts of interest:

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