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Crap CAP (again)

The comments section of my latest post at The Sharpener (on the British rebate) have been interesting, and the Common Agricultural Policy has once again reared its ugly head. It’s rubbish, and on that everyone – except, perhaps, the French – can agree.

Now Robin Grant has spotted a ray of hope. Could Britain’s rather unusually strong bargaining position actually be put to good use this time? It’s wishful thinking that the CAP could be significantly reformed or abolished, certainly – even that it might be altered to prevent various less developed nations being shat all over by the thing.

But sorting out the CAP is arguably even more important than sorting out the constitution. It’s the EU’s single biggest problem and single biggest error. Before we go charging off trying to set everything in stone it is vital that it is addressed.

Hell, judging by EU-Serf‘s comment at The Sharpener – scrap the CAP and lose the rebate and even a eurosceptic like him would be happy (well, less unhappy at least) – this could be precisely the issue the UK needs to tackle to get over our worries about the whole EU. And it would have the added benefit of pissing off France – which, even for a relative Francophile like me, always warms the cockles of the English heart…