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Come on, Latvia – pay attention

Someone appears not to have told the Latvian parliament that there’s no point any more… They’ve just ratified the EU constitution, despite the thing being well and truly deceased. Good to see some enthusiasm, but really – what’s the point?

Meanwhile, the BBC has a handy roundup of Dutch press responses to the somewhat catagorical rejection of the constitution, while The Guardian does the same for the UK press.

The immediate aftermath? The Euro hit an eight month low against the dollar yesterday, but an alternative take blames this on the dollar, not the referendums. More economics stuff I don’t understand here – looks like the stock markets did something or other. I think it’s good, but don’t quote me on that… I hate numbers.

To things I understand: European Democracy liveblogged the Dutch result and has some good insights, while Guy from Non Tibi Spiro had a good overview of the Dutch situation at Fistful, which may help put the result in context.

Now, of course, we have to wait and see what they come up with. Even the Commissioners seem uncertain of where next.

Interesting times. For a politics geek who doesn’t especially care who’s in charge – I’m still going to get taxed and screwed – this is great. Time to sit back, put my feet up and happily spectate – while occasionally spouting off about stuff from the depths of the internet, naturally.


  1. Uncertainty makes life so much more interesting doesn't it.

    If we all make some big predictions, some of us will be spectacularly right, whilst others will look stupid.

    It'll be fun whilst it lasts though.

  2. I expect spin upon the lines of "the majority in Europe" blah blah blah etc have ratified the thing and it will foisted back upon the French, Dutch and who ever else.

  3. That's really great news about Latvia Nosey. In the same spirit maybe we can convene a special session of the Louisiana legislature down here and vote to rejoin the Confederacy.

  4. Check this, NMonkey:

    "Italy's Welfare Minister Roberto Maroni today suggested Italy call a referendum on whether to leave the euro and re-adopt the lira, according to La Repubblica. He said the euro wasn't "up to the task of facing the economic slowdown, the decline in competition and an unemployment crunch."

    I always thought the EU would crumple one day, under the weight of its own grotesque contradictions, but I thought it would happen in the dim and distant future, in a very long time, somewhere over the rainbow – not between Tuesday and Friday this week.

    Oh happy day. Oh happy day. Course you may not agree. Actually the end of the euro would be a bugger for a pan-European traveller like me. But still – just to see Juncker weep again! Yipee!

    I'm going to have a calming camomile tea now.