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Le FigaroEL’Union s’enferme dans la politique de l’autruche:

“The six countries that decided to defer their referenda (Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, The Czech Republic, Portugal and probably Luxembourg) have made the right choice. For the remainder, it is the ostrich policy which prevails: “the process of ratification must continue”, pleads Jean-Claude Juncker…

“The most realistic plan B consists not in renegotiatiating the text, an exercise that nobody wishes to start again as it was so painful, but to select the Constitution’s most consensual innovations and make them come into effect…

“But politically nobody is ready to endorse it. ‘It is too early. The corpse of the Constitution is still too warm’, speculates a senior official. ‘It should be given at least a year, until the beast has really cooled, before starting to dissect it out of sight.'”

(Approx. summarised highlights)

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