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The Tories should back PR

Being a politics spod, I picked up all the proper papers today – Times, Telegraph, Financial Times, Guardian and Independent – to see the various reactions. All fairly standard. But I also, for the first time ever, picked up the Mail (despite the missus warning me she’d burn it if I brought it into the house). Amazingly, it was here I found one of the most interesting post-election statistics:

The Tories won 60,000 more votes in England than Labour.

Yep, In England, the Tories had 8,086,306 votes to Labour’s 8, 028,242.

Of course, we’ll have to wait and see who succeeds Michael Howard as leader (if they’re sensible, they should go for Sir Malcolm Rifkind – untainted by the failures of the last eight years, top-end cabinet experience, insanely intelligent, easily respectable, at 58 still young enough to lead, in one of the safest Conservative seats in the country and a superb public speaker), but for the Tories to really stand a chance of getting back into power – considering how little success they’re still having in Wales and Scotland – their best bet is to try to push through some kind of electoral reform which will see their share of constituencies in England more closely match their share of the vote.

So, it’s not just Lib Dem voters who should support electoral reform.

Update: The Campaign for an English Parliament are on the case…