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George G. vs. George B.

Say what you like about George Galloway – and I frequently do – he turned in a largely impressive performance in front of the Americans yesterday. Chicken Yoghurt has a good take, while Martin Stabe has a roundup of US blog reactions, a particular highlight of which is this little gem:

“We won the Revolutionary War fergossake. This shouldn’t be so hard.”


Meanwhile, Respectites Meaders and Lenin seem to have been enjoying themselves – even Harry’s Place had to admit George put on a good show, but it seems that the folk at the New York Post weren’t quite as impressed:

“SOMEBODY, please inject our senators with a heavy dose of testosterone.
“Maybe then they’ll be able to deal with thugs and bullies like George Galloway.
“…He insulted our administration. He decried the war against terror.
“…It gets worse.
“As he hijacked Congress to unleash his outrageous, insulting tirade, our senators did not pipe up.
“Rather, they assumed the look of frightened little boys caught with pants around their ankles, nervously awaiting punishment.”

I say again – heh!

IslamOnline have a good press roundup for those who fancy some other reactions.

The only question now is will he ever get a chance to go off on a similar rant in the House of Commons, or will he (as I suspect) somehow fail to catch the Speaker’s eye?