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General election blog roundup 24

Today’s the day – and if anything’s going to sway your vote at the last minute, it’s a bunch of bloggers with stupid names blathering on in the depths of cyberspace – so check out the last pre-poll election roundup.

I’ll be knocking up a close of poll one this evening at about 10pm, trying to collect together info about anywhere and everywhere covering the results live – messageboards, liveblogging, whatever. There’ll be a messageboard up at the election blog, I’ll be liveblogging here from c.10-10:30 (maybe earlier), and a bunch of other people will be doing bits and pieces all over the interweb. It won’t be exciting, but we’ll do our best to liven it up.

So – any info on tonight’s web-based plans, bunk an email to – ta.

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