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Electoral Reform Petition and new group blog

I’m pissed off at how few people who vote today will actually see their vote achieve anything. I’m pissed off at how alienated the population has become with the political process. I’m pissed off at the fact that so many people rightly believe that their vote won’t change anything.

If you are too, sign this petition like wot I’ve just set up. I doubt it’ll achieve anything – after all, Blair happily ignored all those people who protested against the Iraq war so he can happily ignore this – but we can but try.

Here’s the text:

The 2005 UK general election campaign has demonstrated more than ever that large chunks of the population see their vote effectively going to waste. On an equal share of the popular vote, the three main parties are incapable of getting an equal share of the seats in Westminster.

Proportional Representation may not have all the answers – we may lose local representation in Westminster and fringe and single-issue parties like the BNP and UKIP may end up with seats in the House of Commons – but at least then every vote would count.

We want our votes to count. We want future elections to be fair. The UK electoral system needs reform.

Now go sign.

And as another (entirely unrelated) new project, myself, Jarndyce of The Pseudo Magazine, Justin McKeating of Chicken Yoghurt and Nick Barlow of What You Can get Away With have set up a new group blog, aiming to collect some of the very best bloggers there are.

It’s not completely finished yet and will continue to evolve as more people get involved but, nonetheless, go visit The Sharpener and let us know what you think.

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