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C’est “Non”

According to the exit polls anyway. To be expected, really – the 55% estimate is in line with polls earlier in the week.

If the French have voted against, there is precisely no point in continuing with any other referendums, any other parliamentary ratifications, nothing. All they will be is a massive waste of time and money. The constitution is dead.

So now let the pointless perseverence with the thing commence. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with to try and get around this – but it’s unlikely to involve the obvious, which is simply to go back to the drawing board.

Ho-hum. Fun times to be pro-EU…

Speaking of which, A European has been liveblogging the thing – considering he’s been campaigning in Paris for a “Oui” his emotions seem remarkably in check.

Update: Reactions are starting to appear already – mine may or may not over the coming days, depending on workloads. Some so far are fairly sensible, some are defiantly the opposite:

“What one should now do is to remove the French from all EU offices and positions and take away all their EU gratuities and subsidies.

Erm… No. No one shouldn’t. Don’t be so silly.