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Zimbabwe update

Publius Pundit has pretty much all the info on Zimbabwe’s elections you’ll need.

As of 10am UK time, the opposition Movement for Democratic Change has won 31 of the 39 declared seats, although This is Zimbabwe reports that “presiding officers were instructed to openly flout the law by imposing a news black-out on the results until authorised to release them by Harare.” There are also reports of tens of thousands of voters being disenfranchised.

Even if the incredible does happen, and the opposition manage to overcome Mugabe’s dodgy tactics (even if they seem to have been surprisingly nonviolent this time), The Zimbabwean notes that the MDC will still not be able to form a government.

It has to be said – considering the date I’m wondering if these early, hopeful results aren’t just an elaborate and sick practical joke to piss off the opposition even more…

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