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Peter Mandelson – oath breaker?

If this story is true, disgraced ex-minister and current European Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson could be in a spot of bother again. Apparently Mandelson has been in Downing Street to discuss Labour’s election tactics – which surely is in direct contravention of the oath he took on becoming a Commissioner to remain entirely independent from domestic politics?

It has already been pointed out that Mandelson’s membership of the Privy Council and position as a Commissioner are technically incompatible, but becoming involved in party politics on a domestic level while a serving Commissioner must surely be cause for some kind of ticking off? Then again, Commission President Barroso seems to have got away with his not so subtle intervention in favour of his old party in the Portugese elections back in February, so maybe Mandy’s going to get away scott free and all.

Still, Labour must be getting worried if they’re willing to risk bringing Milburn, Campbell AND Mandelson back for this election. You’d think they’d realise that those three are among the most unpopular Labourites in the country, but still…

Update: Downing Street refused to comment on what Mandy’s visit was for when asked at this morning’s press briefing. Which would tend to suggest that he wasn’t there to discuss EU trade.

Update 2: I’ve heard a very vague rumour which may explain all this. If true, there’s nothing dodgy going on. But whether any confirmation will be forthcoming is another matter entirely…