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Non-story of the day – or is it?

Labour has hinted that if France rejects the EU constitutional treaty in its upcoming referendum (as the polls suggest it might) then the UK won’t have to hold one of its own.

Well, dur… Of course we won’t. If France rejects the constitution, that means it cannot possibly come into force. All it takes is one member state to say “No”, and the entire thing gets thrown out. So there’d be less than no point in holding our own referendum – unless, of course, you want to waste a vast amount of money on asking the country whether or not they approve of a treaty which no longer has any possibility of coming into effect.

The only question is – why are Labour bringing this up now? It’s an utterly pointless distraction. Unless, of course, this is the first step towards launching Labour’s secret weapon. The Tories have already said that they’ll hold the referendum six months after coming to power. Could this be Labour’s way of bringing up the contentious and divisive EU issue prior to the election? I wouldn’t put it past them. Say what you like about Labour – they’re not stupid…

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