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More election nonsense

A re-edited splice of a couple of posts of mine from the General Election Blog:

The Times has now launched its own election blog. Considering the current confusion about which way Times owner Rupert Murdoch will swing, it could prove interesting – even if there don’t appear to be comments yet.

The BBC’s Today Programme will apparently also be launching an election blog soon – perhaps even today. And we all know how the government feels about the Today Programme…

There’s also the BBC Election Blog and Red Pepper Election Blog, as well as the previously-mentioned Election 2005 Blog from The Guardian. Let me know if you spot more.

In other blog news, after the success of Thank You Tony, I’m on the lookout for previously unlikely supporters of a “Labour” leader who are coming out in support of our Tony for this election. A couple of examples:

  • The American Patriots, who announce “Ladies and Gentlemen, This is a historic moment, I am supporting a leftist for the first time in my entire life.” This coming from a blogger who, in another recent post, announces very simply that “I don�t like liberals”. Not exactly Old Labour…
  • Then Daimnation! – “Because of Blair’s brave support for the ouster of Saddam and the war against Islamofascist terror, this is the first British election I can remember in which I, an unrepentant Thatcherite, would likely vote Labour.”

If you spot any more, let me know – I simply love the idea of a bunch of people who would have been calling Blair a Communist if they’d been aware of him twenty years ago suddenly thinking he’s a hero…

Also, for any dear readers from across the Channel, I’d be grateful if you could point me in the direction of any interesting opinion pieces (blog or otherwise) from the European continental press – I’m keen to get an idea of how this little bit of democracy is going down overseas. Either email me on my nosemonkey AT address, or whack a link in the comments, or get in touch with the team at the General Election Blog at Ta.

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