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General election blog roundup 8

It’s fairly packed this time, thanks to Nick Barlow.

And by the way, Mr Smarty-Pants Barlow, I shall continue to defend the true number – like the mighty silver-haired one, Kilroy himself, I shall fight for truth to be returned to the General Election Blog’s roundup numbering system. Akin to those brave and noble souls who valiantly protested against the heinous loss of 11 good, strong English days with the vile switch to the doubtless EU-sponsored Gregorian calendar in 1752, I verrily ne’er shalt desist in mine righteous toil until the disgracefully-mislaid weblog collation is returned to us, it’s distraught admirers. Unless I get bored, that is…

(Come on UKIP/Veritas – why not include a return to the Julian calendar in your election promises? What’s with all this wishy-washy continental dating nonsense, eh? The return of those 11 days is long, long overdue – and the British people would truly bow down in awe before you should you succeed. Hell, you might even get my vote, just for the amusement value…)

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