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General election blog roundup 6

UP now at the General Election Blog (and yes, I know it says it’s number 7 – technically it is, but meh…)

Poll-wise, everyone’s got confused. What’s it to be?

Various polls for various papers today have major variations, so let’s have a run down:

Sunday Times:
Labour 36%, Tories 35%, LibDems 23%

News of the World:
Labour 40%, Tories 36%, LibDems 19%

Sunday Telegraph:
Labour 40%, Tories 30%, LibDems 22%

Independent on Sunday:
Labour 40%, Tories 34%, LibDems 22%

Interstingly, both the News of the World and the Telegraph polls came from the same company – so how come the 6% difference in Conservative votes? Either way, A Logical Voice sums it up fairly neatly: “Polls give Labour a majority of between 60 and 152 seats… that sort of majority would be absolutely scandalous”.

As ever, UK Polling Report has more.

Oh, and it looks like Labour may have twigged that they’ll be able to secure more votes if they start hinting at an early Blair exit. The Independent on Sunday claims to have evidence that Blair is preparing to hand power over to Brown, along with a poll which reckons that with Brown in charge, Labour would be 12 points ahead… As I pointed out ages ago, Vote Blair, Get Brown could be Labour’s best possible strategy…

Update: Tim Worstall’s weekly Britblog Roundup is now up, and as ever it’s a good un.

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