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General election blog roundup 4

Up now at the General Election Blog. Good stuff once again – hopefully by the end of next week I’ll have shifted some work and have time to do one myself…

Some others which caught my eye today (well, yesterday, now…):

All good stuff.

Oh, and after the recent scare stories about murderous illegal terrorist asylum seekers, might I direct everyone’s attention to an old post of mine on why the asylum question is a load of old over-hyped bollocks?


  1. In Italian, the plural of 'manifesto' is 'manifesti'. But in Italian, 'manifesto' means 'poster', which confused me for some time. I quite like the Quaylean '-oes'; 'manifestos' looks like it should rhyme with 'Domestos'.

  2. That's precisely what I thought. Not about the Italian bit though, what with not knowing any Italian – although apparently it is of Italian origin, so maybe it should be "manifesti". Very confusing…

  3. Manifesti, Manifestoes, Manifestos, Manifesta.. hmmm… don't know about that one.

    And thanks for the link Nosemonkey, I should invite you to tea sometime. Keep up the good work.

  4. Geek alert: OED says manifestos. And I note my promotion. Honoured indeed.