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Britblogs, France, China and Japan

Tim Worstall’s latest Britblog roundup is here for the browsing.

Then, following these posts from the other day, The Observer has an interesting piece on French EU constitution referendum problems.

In other news, the current anti-Japanese protests in China may be worth keeping an eye on (more from the BBC here). After the submarine incident last November and the recent shifts in China towards getting tougher about Taiwan, could the People’s Republic be planning something, or is this just yet another example of thuggish nationalism?

For background on the re-writing of Japanese history for school textbooks, which is the supposed cause of the Chinese protests, see here, and for the importance of the Rape of Nanking – or whatever you want to call it – to Sino-Japanese relations, this is a superb primer.

In addition, Publius Pundit has more interesting, if unrelated, stuff on China and the Catholic Church. Who is the unnamed Cardinal? Sounds like the sort of thing you’d get in one of those piss-poor Dan Brown novels…