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Another political test thing

Via Robin Grant. It’s pissing infuriating, but interesting nonetheless: Political Survey 2005.

The first page of results seems moderately accurate for a change. Then it goes apeshit mental. Take it, go on. Post your results in the comments if you like – could be fun.

Here are my results, if you’re interested. For people who aren’t interested enough to click, apparently I am “likely to be fairly internationalist and rehabilitationist” and “slightly free-market and pro-war”. Apart from the very last bit, probably fair enough.

And here’s the second page of results – my supposed views on “crime and punishment, Europe, and other transnational issues including immigration and international law”, which I dispute utterly. If I’m “very left wing” then what the pissing hell is Marx? “98.3% are significantly to your right”? Fucking bollocks.

This, for the record, seems primarily to be based on the utterly flawed assumption that support of the EU is left-wing. Which, for anyone who knows anything at all about it, it blatantly is not. It has left-wing aspects, certainly, but try asking a French socialist what they reckon and you’ll get an entirely different take.

Oh, and can I just point out that on that second page, I DID NOT tell them I intend to vote for the Lib Dems. I said that I was undecided. Which I am – until today I thought I was decided, but I spotted an article written by my current MP which has changed my opinion about them. And yes, I regularly read the Guardian. I also regularly read the Times, the Telegraph, the New York Times, Le Monde and The Washington Post. But there wasn’t more than one option.

And now page three – my supposed views on “public and private involvement in the economy, international trade, redistributive taxation… and Iraq.” Here I end up “slightly right of centre”, which seems about right.

(By the way, in case anyone’s wondering about the excess swearing – yes, yes I am indeed drunk as I write this. It is, after all, nearly 1am on a Friday night / Saturday morning…)