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The propaganda question

They just can’t win. After repeated fuss about how the Commission is funding pro-EU and pro-constitution organisations and material, they’re now being attacked for funding their critics.

“The deputy head of the Liberals in the European Parliament, Silvana Koch-Mehrin, has said it is ‘scandalous’ that EU money has been used to fund the anti-globalisation movement, Attac.

“Ms Koch-Mehrin told FT Deutschland that there should be a change in the way EU support money is allocated.

“‘After all, Attac is a massive critic of the EU’, said the liberal MEP, who has written to the Commission asking how the situation arose.”

What next? Should they stop paying anti-EU MEPs like Kilroy and the UKIP lot (who currently get �59,000 a year each)?

Meanwhile, Tim Worstall spots a nice bit of anti-EU propaganda hiding in the Mail on Sunday’s crossword.

Quite why the Commission needs to fund its critics when the Eurosceptics have already got backers like Associated Newspapers and Rupert Murdoch, I have no idea…