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The IRA in “we’re violent psychopaths” shocker!

A very odd development – if only for the fact that something everyone has known to be the case for the last 30+ years is finally out in the open, as the IRA has offered to shoot those of its members responsible for the death of Robert McCartney back in January. And – after decades of requests from the British government to stop supporting terrorists and three and a half years after 9/11 – the White House has finally seen the light and decided not to invite any representatives of the IRA’s political wing to the White House for St Patrick’s Day celebrations.

I am unsurprisingly not a fan of the IRA, so doubt I’m in much of a position to offer decent commentary. Instead, I suggest you check out the superb Slugger O’Toole, which is keeping a close eye on developments and reactions from all quarters. They have the full text of the IRA’s statement, some interesting discussions, and lots of reasoned and knowledgable analysis. Well worth a look if you’re at all interested in this forgotten war on terror.