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Rupert Murdoch wants you to work for him for free

Especially if you’re a blogger, by the sounds of things.

Would you like to help shape The Times’s election coverage? Do you want to write for Times Online during the campaign? If you are a reader of The Times or Times Online, we would like your help in two areas:

1. If you live in a battleground seat, we want to know how the parties are campaigning in your area. We want to see the leaflets that come through your front door and hear about any phone calls you receive or any other innovative, or irritating, techniques that the parties are using.

2. If you are a blogger or a diarist and live in a key battleground, Times Online would like to hear from you. You could become a featured online writer during the campaign.

Still, it might prove to be an interesting exercise, if they bother to stick with it. Not the sort of initiative I’d have expected from the Times, it must be admitted – strikes me more as a Guardian type idea. Nonetheless, for anyone interested in padding out their CV it might be worth a pop…

Either way, there’s more here

Tuesday update: Via Martin Stabe, it seems that the BBC’s Today Programme is after bloggers as well.

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