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No one cares about terrorists or foreigners

According to the latest ICM opinion poll (.pdf file), at least.

In the first question, “Which of the following issues will be most important in your decision on how to vote in the next general election?”, there was a singular lack of interest in anything other than domestic issues. As per usual.

Asylum and Immigration – 8% see it as important
The fight against terrorism – 4%
Europe – 4%

A grand total of just 16% interested about anything beyond our shores – and immigration is primarily considered a domestic issue anyway. So the fact that the Tories are considered to have the best policies on Asylum and Immigration (30% to Labour’s 24% – Table 5) will be small comfort.

For those of us who hoped Blair might get a bloody nose in these elections thanks to being a filthy liar who misled us all over Iraq and wants to lock us all up and throw away the key, Table 9 shows we might be in trouble – 36% think Labour have “the best policies on The fight against terrorism”. Equally, Table 11 shows that 33% “much prefer Blair to Howard”, with an additional 18% preferring Bliar “on balance”.

We could be in trouble.

As for the EU (Table 6) – for us supposed Europhiles, it appears that 30% think Labour have the best policies on “Europe” – 30% to the Tories’ 27%. Add in the Lib Dem lot as well, and 39% think that a primarily pro-European line is the “best”.

Of course, you can prove anything with statistics. For another take on this poll, check out the always interesting UK Polling Report.