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Message to The Guardian – time for one of your famous Corrections and Clarifications…

The Guardian Backbencher’s Political Weblog Award shortlists are out. It would appear Europhobia has made it through.

I would ask for your votes – but sadly another, similarly-titled blog, EUrophobe, has also been nominated in the single-issue campaigns section. The Guardian, that bastion of subediting genius, has managed not only to bugger up the capitalisation of this site’s name, but also their HTML.

Ten English pounds to the person who can tell me who I should click by to give myself a vote:

1) The site listed as EUrophobia – which links here but is described as a “‘Europhobic’ blog written by a European parliament employee. Scarily un-PC, but very funny in exposing EU wastefulness and bureaucracy.” (Europhobe‘s description)


2) The site down as “Europhobe” – which links there but is described as “A former eurosceptic turned pro-European on politics and international relations in Europe and the rest of the world. Good stuff.” (the description for this place)

I have to confess, I have no idea which of us is which… Still – thanks for the thought, Farringdon guys. Nice to see that I can have my first “Oh look the ‘MSM’ has got it wrong” moment in another one of these bouts of blog navel-gazing…

So, as I say – a correction and/or clarification might be in order – if only so I can work out just how badly I’m losing.

(By the way, am I on a single issue campaign? News to me… Oh, and thanks to Jarndyce&Jarndyce of The Pseudo Magazine for pointing this out – and the kind words and all.)