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Putin’s propaganda reaches a new low

Via the superb Siberian Light, yet more news of a really rather worrying revival of Soviet-style state propaganda in Russia.

Now I may well be over-reacting here, but for some reason the idea of a television station run by the military, explicitly aiming to promote “national pride”, which features children’s programmes is cause for rather a lot of concern. Smacks somewhat of the old-style Pravda, brainwashing and the like…

The fact that in the UK we’re currently talking about banning fast food ads for the effects they can have on kids (which personally I’d say is taking state intervention a tad far, but that’s probably the old Tory in me) at least gives some indication of how influential adverts can be on young minds. How likely do you really reckon it is that these children’s programmes are not going to have any subtle, militaristic messages behind them?

Come on George, as I’ve said before, we need you to say more of this sort of stuff.

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