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“Its ambitions exceed its reach”

Via Vodkapundit, a similar take on the EU / US relationship to mine from the other day (the basic point of which seemed, judging by the comments section, to have been missed by some readers). Interesting stuff and worth a look:

Take the “Greater Middle East” and imagine Europe and the United States working in tandem rather than vying with each other for influence. Imagine a well-choreographed “good cop, bad cop” tack on Iran, with the United States providing the muscle, lack of which has consistently stultified the Europeans as they tried to sweet-talk Tehran into abandoning the bomb. Or Israel/Palestine. In the past, the United States and France have worked at cross-purposes, with Paris keener on competing than on collaborating with Washington in the Middle East. Together, the European Union and the United States could ensure that this promising post-Arafat moment does not vanish once more in the roar of terrorist bombs.

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