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Blog housekeeping

Right people, I’ve found out a handy way to keep this thing looking a bit tidier, so now archives are to the right in funky little drop-down menu things (click and they shalt appear).

I’m probably going to expand this to links and things as well at some stage – should make life easier.

Speaking of which, I accidentally deleted some links a few weeks back, and I can’t remember what they were. If anyone thinks I should be linking to them – or that I’ve missed anyone, please let me know. I’ve just added a few on which I had assumed I’d linked to ages ago and hadn’t, so there’s a good chance that absentmindedness has been my curse once again.

I’ve also just installed some Sitemeter code, in the vague hope that by making my visitor stats semi-public I can qualify for the minor ego boost that is a place on the British Blogs Top 10. The top 10 is unlikely (to put it mildly), but top 50 is possible. Although installing midway through a Sunday (the slowest day of the week) is probably not a good way to get my average stats up.

Still – absolutely no one cares about this, do they?

Monday edit: I’ve decided I don’t care either. Sitemeter’s shit, so I’ve got rid of it. The fact the Britblogs top 10 has ended already partially helped, although as there’s now a similar list for European blogs, I could have kept it up. But I couldn’t be arsed.

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