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Russia, Europe, Bush – weekend reading

This is worth keeping an eye on: Russian MPs go on hunger strike.

There were a veritable shed-load of interesting EU-related links over at the always superb Political Theory Daily Review yesterday, which I’m going to lift wholesale as I’ve got loads of stuff to do today:

Focus on Europe: From Croatia, President Stipe Mesic wins reelection. From Poland, the fraught left will have to tread very delicately around teaching gay sex. From Italy, it’s time for the real Naples to stand up. From Great Britain, Blair and Brown are two rivals united by faith, not philosophy. From The New Yorker, how foxhunting became the most divisive issue in England. A review of Britain’s Gulag (and more). From New Statesman, how 1 in 5 Britons could vote for the far right, and on how the west followed Bin Laden’s script. From Newropeans, an essay on Transatlantic relations between the United States and the EU in 2020 : Anticipation and the new world order a scenario approach (and part 2 and part 3). From The Globalist, on the prospects for future transatlantic harmony, and can Europe build a NATO for Africa? A different perspective: Why pro-Europeans should oppose the EU Constitution. The EU Parliament strongly endorses Constitution. Founding Chairman of the European Central Bank Wim Duisenberg on how the euro has grown up. The most fundamental problem facing Europe is the governments of its member states and the lack of transparency in theCouncil. A leading European political scientist is calling for an immediate end to the copyright system. And why Europeans hate American Express and Wal-Mart, but like MasterCard and Colgate

Also, I reccomend checking out Cernig’s Newshog – lots of nice links to interesting articles from around the blogosphere and beyond.

And while we’re at it, why not help out with Manic’s latest Googlebomb? It’s simply empty rhetoric

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