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Ladies and gentlemen, we have been experiencing technical difficulties

Sorry about that – it seems the blog’s been screwed all afternoon. My internet connection vanished in the middle of updating the template, and it seems to have got slightly buggered. I’ve reverted to an old one temporarily, and normal service will be resumed as soon as I can.

Edit: Bugger. Looks like I’ve lost trackbacks and a well-ordered archive for a bit, as well as a number of sidebar links. I probably won’t be able to fix it until Monday, either. Typical… I hate technology.


  1. Hi nice blog

    just found it on bbc archives, good to find a interesting UK blog, will have a link set up to it


  2. unlucky over the site, I had a problem with mine a few months ago

    good luck

  3. Glad you like it – where did you find it again? I'm still trying to work out all the places it's linked from, as Technorati doesn't seem to be comprehensive…

    I seem to have got it back to normal now at any rate. Not a massive improvement, it must be said, but at least now the text doesn't overlap.

    At least, I don't THINK it overlaps – it doesn't in Firefox or Safari at any rate, but I can't bring myself to load up Internet Explorer to try it with that.

    One thing testing it with Safari did do, however, was let me know that there's a pop-up that loads with the dite. That's a bit crap…

    Everyone – use Firefox, for the love of God!