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Assuming I haven’t cocked it up – ta to Eulogist from Relections on European Democracy for pointing me in the right direction. Now if anyone can tell me how to get rid of the Haloscan comments and just leave the trackback thing, that’d be all great and stuff…

Oh… Sorry, this blog’s meant to be about politics isn’t it? So, have the worst headline from a think tank I can remember in a fair while, courtesy of an actually rather good article from the IPPR:

Human rights are a basic human right

Coming soon: Shock new finding – a tautological tautology is a tautology!

Edit: OK, bollocks – it’s buggered everything up. If anyone can tell me how to stop all the comments from displaying on the main page, and how to get rid of the multiple comments sections it’d be much appreciated. I’ll leave it like this for the time being, but if I can’t work it out in the next day or so, I’m afraid trackback will have to be scrapped again.

Edit 2: Right, got rid of Haloscan comments (ta, DoctorVee), but the Blogger ones are still displaying in full, even though all I changed in the template was the addition of Haloscan. Anyone got any ideas? At all?

Yes, Nosemonkey is indeed rubbish.

This is why I shouldn’t play with the internet…

Edit 3: Right. I think I’ve got it sorted. Finally. After two days… But no trackbacks are showing up even on posts I know have been linked to elsewhere. It’s all very confusing… I’ll leave it in place for a couple of weeks to see if I like it (and if it starts to work) .