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Maggie the Movie

Sorry, this was too good not to mention. Via Anthony Wells comes the news that Oliver Stone is planning a biopic of Maggie Thatcher. Genius!

Stone apparently said “Margaret Thatcher is an amazing woman and a good subject for a film. I�m thinking about Meryl Streep to play the Iron Lady.”

Europhobia’s Steve got the ball rolling in an email with a few more casting suggestions:

Colin Farrell as Michael Foot (could be his shot at the Oscar – cf ‘ugly’ performances of Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman)

Tom Cruise as Dennis Thatcher

Joel Haley-Osmont (or is it Haley Joel-Osmont – I always forget) as Mark Thatcher

Mary-Kate (or Ashley) Olson as Carol Thatcher

John Goodman as Nigel Lawson

Christ on a bike. This movie casts itself!

How about

Billy-Bob Thornton as Ronald Reagan

Owen Wilson as Michael Hestletine

Steve Buscemi as John Major

Jeffrey Jones (of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off fame) as Neil Kinnock

Any other suggestions?

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