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If you’ve done nothing wrong you’ve got nothing to fear

Can someone please explain to me how the Conservative party’s backing for ID cards can be tallied with their claims that they want to cut back on “nanny state” big government, save money, and their age-old ideology of promoting individual rights and responsibilities?

Can someone also please explain to me precisely how the Tories, who now back Labour’s two most divisive and unpopular policies in both the Iraq war and the intrusion of biometric ID, think that blindly following the government is the duty of an opposition party?

And finally, can anyone explain to me why they might be worth my vote?

More on this, perhaps, later.

Update: John at The England Project is keeping a tally of previously pro-Tory bloggers who will no longer support the party because of this policy. Are you one? Let him know.

Update 2: Howard’s bollocked it up good and proper with this one – even Conservative parliamentary candidates are pissed off.

Time to start thinking who next again, methinks…