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Female ethnic minority politicians

A couple of nice profiles in the Sunday Times today which make interesting reading. One of Condoleeza Rice, riding high as the new US Secretary of State, and another of the Dutch Muslim politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali, currently in hiding for her part in helping produce the controversial film which led to the murder of Theo van Gogh a couple of weeks ago. We may bemoan the US for being backwards when it votes in George W Bush for a second term, but it’s there, not in Europe, that a black woman can make it to the top.


This weekend I’ve been trying to re-arrange the site a bit, and get all my permanent links in a more accessible place (ideally to the left somewhere). My lack of HTML wizardry and inability to work out Blogger’s template codes means I’ve failed dismally. But the links have been updated a tad (on the right – scroll down). If you think I’m missing any particularly good political blogs / sites, let me know. Oh, and if I’ve linked to you and you fancy returning the favour – ta very much.

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