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A final US round-up

Bush’s second term as Commander-in-Chief gets off to a good start as an F-16 from the Air National Guard (Bush’s old outfit) strafes a school in New Jersey with cannon fire. Hell – they voted for Kerry, after all…

Meanwhile, Bush says he’s going to spend the political capital the election has given him. A somewhat inadvisable choice of words from the man whose spending plans have given the US such a massive deficit…

Oh, and some more good news for the Dems: John Edwards’ wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

But there is at least something to chuckle about: one of the Republicans’ few losers from election night, ex-Reagan man Alan Keyes, has blamed his loss, (which was by 43% – the biggest defeat in Illinois Senate history)) to the new great hope for the Dems, Barack Obama, on everyone except himself – “Republicans in name only”, media bias, all the usual suspects…

Get the unpleasant experience of the last few days off your chest, and remember that we love the US really: (Almost) half of America’s message to the world

A slightly less US-centric blogging service will return to Europhobia over the next few days. Let’s face it, the post-match analysis is never much fun when you’ve been backing the losing team, and despite what everyone’s been saying, the world doesn’t revolve ENTIRELY around the US. In any case, maybe it doesn’t make that much difference anyway

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