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Ha ha ha ha ha!

Yesterday I mentioned Robert Kilroy-Silk’s announcement that he wanted to be leader of the UK Independence Party. This was, in part, due to his assumption that he’d have the backing of the UKIP’s major financial backer.

He doesn’t. Ha ha ha ha ha!

In fact so spooked was the financial bod in question, Yorkshire eurosceptic millionaire Paul Sykes, by Kilroy’s rabid rants against all and sundry (especially his determination to wipe out the Tories as a poitical force in this country) that he’s withdrawn his support entirely.

That’s a shame. The UK Independence Party haven’t got any money any more. They won’t be able to spend insane amounts of money on massive billboard campaigns. They won’t be able to stump up deposits for MPs to stand at the General Election.

In short, they’re screwed.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

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