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Another Bush flip-flop (oh, and something about justice)

Bush says His Party is Wrong to Oppose Gay Civil Unions. Oh, sorry – that must have been another US President George W Bush who wanted to amend the US Constitution to ban this then… (Yes, I know that technically marriage and civil unions are different, but then again, the 2nd amendment was meant to provide for an effective militia in time of war, and has been distorted by the likes of the NRA to mean everyone should be allowed to carry assault rifles… An amendment banning Gay marriage would quickly be distorted by the homophobes into banning all gay unions.)

In other news, the concepts of “human rights”, “the right to a lawyer” and “the right to a fair trial” seem increasingly to be on the out in the US:

First up, the former defence lawyer of a now-conviced terrorist is being accused by the government of being a terrorist conspirator for fulfilling her duties as an attorney.

Next, the Bush administration has formally announced that the Geneva convention doesn’t apply to prisoners they don’t want it to apply to.

Ah! The Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave!

Why can’t all these self-proclaimed US patriots who are planning on voting for Bush see that he is destroying the very foundations of the country they profess to love so much?

Meh – I’m just being silly. We should all be more patriotic. (Hat-tip to Manic for the link)

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