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The Commons’ portly protector

Yay for Sir Patrick Cormack!

OK, I’ll admit here I’m biased as I used to work for the man, like him personally and still meet him for a drink on a semi-regular basis, but top work!

“By this time, and we’re talking about a few seconds after the incident began, MPs had snapped into action. They were giving the young men some very cross looks. Only Sir Patrick Cormack decided to become a have-a-go hero, and tried to grab one youth in an armlock.

“My goodness, I thought, if they had been terrorists armed with machine guns, some of the least known MPs in the country would be lying dead by now.’

“Sir Patrick addressed one of the youths. ‘Get out!’ he said. “I am furious! This is disgraceful!'”

Even before all this our man Sir P had tried to calm it down:

“Sir Patrick Cormack, MP, one of the strongest of supporters for the protest, shouted angrily: ‘Don’t let off those bloody things, they’re not good for the horses, and you should know more about horses.'”

This is what British democracy is all about – moronic protestors break in to the heart of the country’s political machinery, forget what they were there to say, and then get a stern ticking off. I doubt it would work with hardcore terrorists, but wouldn’t the world be a much nicer place if it did?